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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Cui Weicheng, Shanghai Ocean University oices

Cui is currently leading the development of the 11km 3-man Xin, is the Rainbow? sh Company managing director. The

Rainbow? sh submersible. Theoretical and real models of company plans to charge customers to use its research ship acrylic windows have been tested to destruction, improving and submarines, and is targeting three groups, said Dr. Wu. his understanding, and offering guidance for revisions to ac- “The ? rst is de? nitely the scientists who are interested in cepted international standards. Likewise, scale model HSS studying deep-sea science and technology. The second group spheres, made in Finland and China, have been tested to de- is offshore marine geophysical resource companies, such as struction in the high-pressure chambers at HAST. These tests offshore oil and sea? oor minerals. The last is tourists and ad- have improved understanding of materials and processes that venturers who want to go down themselves to have a look at could further change accepted design practice. He has pro- what’s going on there,” Wu said. posed a clever “nested pressure chamber” design, with a per- Professor Cui said moving away from state-funded research sonnel sphere inside a ? rst pressure chamber, inside a second can provide more freedom. Government-funded projects can pressure chamber, in order to reach hadal pressures with only be bureaucratic and slow, he feels. “I think our government a 10ksi step in pressure across each of the two pressure cham- hasn’t found the optimal method to manage large scienti? c ber walls. programs just yet. They need to think about this when they are

Also unique to modern China is Cui’s entrepreneurial tech- considering the direction of scienti? c reform,” he said.

nology-transfer mechanism that links HAST with the com- In implementing their business plan, Rainbow? sh has ac- mercial Rainbow? sh Ocean Technology Company (http:// quired Graham Hawkes’ Deep? ight Submarine Company, and www.rainbow? Cui’s college friend, Dr. Wu is starting production of six new Deep? ight tourist submers-

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