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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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A view of the versatile arrangement on the Hugin Explorer -

Seabed Geosolutions’ node handling and source vessel.

MANTA OBN costs to the point that they are very comparable with wide azi- “The principal objective for the development of our next muth (WAZ) towed streamer costs. “Taking into account the generation ocean bottom node technology has been to deliver environmental constraints offshore Brazil regarding the use of a smaller, lower cost node which delivers the highest qual- closely spaced seismic sources, OBN offers a unique solution ity seismic data while allowing for wider adoption by the in- for the full azimuth data needed to deliver the data quality dustry,” said Midenet. “The smaller volume, lighter weight of needed to develop the pre-salt reservoirs offshore Brazil,” said third generation nodes allows for much faster node deploy- Midenet. “Three OBN surveys have been acquired offshore ment and recovery. This in turn means we can use simultane- Brazil and, at the time of writing this, a fourth is being

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