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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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VRXQGE\GHVLJQ 0XOWLEHDP,PDJLQJ6RQDUV 6LQJOHDQG'XDO)UHTXHQF\WRN+] 0LFUR86%/7UDFNLQJ%HDFRQV %LGLUHFWLRQDO$FRXVWLF'DWD0RGHPV addressed. The cost per square kilome- cal data quality. “We have been work- ter for an equivalent operation in 2018 ing with partners on the development is approximately 40-45 percent of what of an autonomous OBN system called it was ? ve years ago. We see continu- SpiceRack. The results of a 20-vehicle ing demand for future projects both in test, conducted in 2017, were presented 2019 and beyond. The ? rst thing our at the 2017 SEG Annual Meeting in

Brazilian clients say to us is that the Houston. The operational model for 3RUWDEOH6LGHVFDQ6RQDUV 7RZHG2(0+XOODQG3ROH0RXQWHG quality of the OBN data we have ac- both shallow and deep water utilizes quired for them is outstanding. They the same technology and methodology, have been very positive, too, about the so we anticipate being able to conduct a operational performance of the crews deep water test of this technology short- which have been operating through the ly after we have successfully completed most dif? cult weather conditions off- the shallow water test,” said Midenet.

shore Brazil.”


OBN AUTOMATION “Node-On-A-Wire (NOAW) is an

Seabed Geosolutions are continually automated technology for node de- increasing the level of automation in ployment in water depths less than all areas of their operations to reduce 700-1000m. Historically in such water

HSE exposure and improve both op- depths, OBC technology with dense erational performance and geophysi- receiver spacings – 25m/50m – was



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