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Liberian-flag OBO is powered by a single 3.Maj-built Sulzer 7RTA62 diesel engine, with a maximum con- tinuous rating of 8,760 kw (11,747 hp) at 86 rpm. Consumption of heavy fuel oil of the main engine at 85 percent MCR is 29.4 tons per day. Her trial speed at 100 percent

MCR at a draft of 41 feet 4 inches was almost 15 knots. Her cruising range at a speed of 13.8 knots, 2,000 tons of heavy fuel oil is 22,000 nm.

The Mara Lolli-Ghetti is de- signed and built for worldwide ser- vice suitable to carry bulk cargoes, such as coal or grain, in all her cargo tanks/holds, ore in alternative tanks/holds, and crude oil (densities of not more than 1.05 and flash point below 60 degrees C) and oil products in all cargo tanks/holds and two slop tanks. Cargo piping can be performed for loading/un- loading of two different liquid car- goes simultaneously.

Her liquid cargo capacity at 98 percent occupancy including her slop tanks is 72,471 m3. Her dry car- go capacity at 100 percent occupan- cy is 72,491 m3. Manned by a crew of 33, the Mara Lolli-Ghetti is fitted with two centrifugal self-priming type electrically driven pumps for stripping, with a capacity of 200 m3/ per hr. at 12 bars head, two centrifu- gal ballast pumps, an exhaust gas/ inert gas generating system, and a single 150-KN SWL, 360-degree slewing cargo hose handling crane.



Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.,

Ltd. (HHI) delivered the 39,720- dwt product carrier Neptune to her

American owner, Overseas Ship- holding Group, Inc. (OSG), in the first quarter of this year.

The product carrier is the stan- dard type developed by Hyundai shipyard and the second of four identical ships ordered by the

American owner.

Neptune has an overall length of about 610 feet, molded breadth of 90 feet and a design draft of 37 feet 9 inches. She is designed to have seven cargo tanks and two slop tanks.

The cargo is handled by four steam turbine-driven cargo pumps of vertical, centrifugal type, each with a capacity of 1,000 m3/hour against a total head of 150 m.Th.

And the cargo pumping system is designed to discharge half of the capacity of the ship within 14 hours including stripping. She is capable of unloading the cargo at a rate of up to 4,000 m3/hour and loading up to 6,000 m3/hour. Dual inert gas deck distribution system is installed on the ship to prevent cargo con- tamination by vapored gas.

The ship is powered by a two- stroke, turbocharged Hyundai-built

MAN B&W 5S50MC main engine developing an NCR of 7,650 bhp at 114 rpm. The engine drives an Aero- foil, four-bladed propeller with a diameter of 18 feet 8 inches. In her engine room, she has four auxiliary engines including three five-cylin- der Ssangyong-MAN B&W 5T23LH-4E diesel engines each di- rect coupled to a 500-kw generator.

The M/E remote control system is of electro-pneumatic type and start- ing, stopping, reversing and speed control of the main engine are con- trolled by an engine telegraph lever which is used as a maneuvering lever.

Neptune is classed by ABS, 1(E)

Oil Carrier, MS, CCU, IGS, COW.

She has a service speed of 14 knots at NCR of 7,650 bhp with 15 percent sea margin.


Equipment List

Main engine MAN B&W-Hyundai

Generator engine . . Ssanyong-MAN B&W

Propeller Hyundai-Kobe Steel

Generator HEECO

Boiler Sunrod

Purifier Alfa-Laval

E/R control console & monitoring system Hyundai

Navigation lighting Alhemaan-Schlatter

Echo sounder Skippe

Gyrocompass/autopilot Hokushin


Main radio equipment JR

Engine controls HEECO-Terasaki

Inert gas plant Maritime Protection

Cargo oil pump Shinko

Tank-cleaning machine .... Gun-Clean

Remote valve control system Nakakita

Galley equipment Electrolux

ICCP system Wilson Walton Int'l

Steering gear MHI

MNBB equipm*®1

CO"* Ml s^STcoPV

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