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Robertson (continued) display. Deviation from set course is indicated on a separate analog bar- graph. Direction of rudder com- mands are illustrated with arrows.

The autopilot is easily adjusted to meet sailing conditions and each vessel's characteristics. Rudder, counter rudder, weather helm and rate of turn parameters are selected by using dedicated push buttons.

Joystick control—Precise vessel maneuvering at any speed is carried out from the joystick control panel.

Standard operation features in- clude: manual joystick control of vessel position, heading and speed; automatic heading control with manual joystick control of vessel po- sition and speed; and selection of vessel's point of rotation at bow, midships or stern.

Thruster control—The thruster control is custom built for the ves- sel's specific propeller and thruster configuration. The RMP system au- tomatically allocates and calculates the command signals to the selected propellers, engines and rudders and displays the thrust direction and magnitude in analog form for opera- tor conceptualization.

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Multipurpose Pilot,

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Hardware Specialty

Appoints Berit

Ships Division Manager

William Berit

Hardware Speciality Co. Inc.,

Long Island City, N.Y., distributor of fasteners and electronic hard- ware, recently appointed William (Bill) Berit ships division man- ager.

Mr. Berit, who has been with the company since 1978, "will bring broad experience in purchasing, sales and sales management to bear on the continuing growth of this vital division," said Edward

Kaufman, president and chief ex- ecutive officer of Hardware Special- ity. "Bill has spent seven years hon- ing his skills with the Ships Divi- sion, where he has contributed greatly to its development and rec- ognition. His knowledge of and fa- miliarity with the specific require- ments of the shipbuilding mainte- nance, repair and retrofit industries is unequaled," he continued.

Assisting Mr. Berit will be John

Pappas in a senior technical sales capacity. A former quality control manager, Mr. Pappas has more than 16 years of technical experi- ence in the field, and is familiar with applicable specifications such as

Level 1, subsafe, MIL-B-857, and


Established in 1932, Hardware

Specialty has facilities in eight loca- tions throughout the U.S. and has sales worldwide to the aerospace, defense, commercial, computer, telecommunications and medical in- strumentation industries.

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Port Director Named

At Tampa Port Authority

Joseph L. Valenti has been named port director at the Port of

Tampa, Fla. Mr. Valenti, formerly the senior deputy port director, was named to the position by the Tampa

Port Authority board of commis- sioners at a special meeting. He replaces Emmett C. Lee Jr., who recently resigned the position.

The new director has been at the

Tampa Port Authority since 1985.

Prior to this, he spent nearly 23 years in the Coast Guard where his final assignment was as captain of the Port of Tampa. His tenure in the Coast Guard included service on ships, specializing in port safety and security, and marine environmental protection. <• Circle 243 on Reader Service Card

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