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Left: Remote Mechanical Valve Actuator. Right: Remote Trip Valve Actuator.

RMVA, and now RTVA

Teleflex designs solutions for Remote wive Operation

Engineering solutions aren't born.

They're carefully designed. Consider

RMVA, the Remote Mechanical Valve

Actuator System from Teleflex, Inc.

Naval Technologies Division.

The RMVA System serves as the industry standard for quality and performance in remote valve opera- tion, and has been installed on vir- tually every ship class in the U.S. Navy.

Teleflex engineers solve problems using first-hand knowledge gained through years of experience on

Naval vessels.

Teleflex has now found the solution to the problems long associated with

Trip Valve Operators: the Remote Trip

Valve Actuator System, or RTVA.

The RTVA System is designed first for survivability, as it eliminates shock- induced valve closures associated with the current cable/pulley systems.

The RTVA System is cost effective.

It is completely sealed, permanently lubricated and corrosion resistant. lleleflex • • naval technologies division

It's maintenance-free operation saves valuable manpower—allowing the ships' force to work on more critical tasks.

Design simplicity assures ease of in- stallation with minimal labor require- ments. Installation may be accom- plished during overhaul, repair, or new construction.

Specify Teleflex for remote valve operators.

Call or write today for your free

RMVA or RTVA Design brochure.

Quality, Reliability, Survivability.. .by design. 771 First Avenue • King of Prussia, PA 19406-1401 • (215) 265-0556 • Telex: 902-528 • Fax: (215) 265-5359

Approved for all U.S. Naval Surface Ships. ABS approved.

For RMVA Brochure, circle 319 on Reader Service Card. For RTVA Brochure, circle 320 on Reader Service Card.

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