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Double-Hulled Tankers

Ordered By U.S. Owners

From Japan, Brazil

Three U.S. oil companies, Amoco,

Mobil and Chevron, recently or- dered a total of four double-hulled tankers from Japanese and Brazil- ian shipyards at a cost of about $410 million.

Chevron, working through the

Japanese trading house Mitsui &

Co., ordered two 130,000-dwt Suez- max tankers from Ishikawajima do

Brasil (Ishibras). The double- skinned vessels are expected to de- livered in 1993.

Amoco and Mobil each ordered one 280,000-dwt VLCC from Japa- nese yards. Mitsubishi Heavy In- dustries will build Amoco's tanker, while Sumitomo will construct Mo- bil's. Both ships are expected to be delivered in 1993.

Integrated Systems Offers 20-Page, Full-Color

Brochure On Operations

Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. (ISA) has published a 20-page, full- color brochure that describes in de- tail the operations of the company.

Since starting in 1981, ISA has established itself as a rapidly grow- ing systems engineering firm that provides engineering, scientific and technical support to the Depart- ment of the Navy, Department of the Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, and numerous commercial activi- ties.

The brochure discusses ISA's or- ganization, which is comprised of the corporate staff and Eastern and

Western operations.

The Eastern region ISA team consists of two operations centers located in Alexandria and Norfolk,

Va., with additional sites in New

London, Conn., and Arlington,

Dahlgren and Wallops Island, Va.

The Western region operations are centered in the San Diego area, with a second rapidly growing facili- ty in the Oxnard/Camarillo area of

California. ISA's demonstrated per- formance has resulted in the estab- lishment of field offices in Long

Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, and


The publication explains the structure and basic goals of the dif- ferent regions, and includes photos of executive personnel, staff mem- bers, etc., involved with carrying out the efficient operation of each.

A map showing the location of

ISA facilities is also included.

For more information and a free copy of the brochure on Integrated

Systems Analysts,

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Lapeyre Brochure Details

Features And Applications

Of Alternating Tread Stairs

The logical alternative to ladders, ship's ladders and spirals, Lapeyre

Alternating Tread stairs offer the optimum combination of safety, comfort and space savings. Product features and applications are ex-

September, 1990 plained in a new free brochure from

Lapeyre Stair Inc. of New Orleans,


The distinctive alternating tread design permits comfortable face- forward descents at steeper angles than conventional designs even at 68 degrees to horizontal. The cush- ioned central stringer all but elimi- nates the possibility of hitting the nosing of a tread in the event of a fall (unlike ladders, ship's ladders and spirals).

A 1988 Virginia Tech study com- pared the 68-degree alternating tread stair to a 68-degree ship's lad- der. Their conclusion: "Results from both the objective and subjective measures suggest that the alternat- ing tread stair is safer and more comfortable than the ship's ladder. ..." Complete copies of the Virginia

Tech study are available from La- peyre Stair.

Lapeyre Stair offers complimen- tary dimensional prints which are mailed within 24 hours from the time of request, thus saving valu- able engineering time.

The stairs are custom built to cus- tomer's specific height require- ments, are quick and easy to install, and are available in carbon steel (painted or galvanized), stainless steel, aluminum or wood.

For a free brochure and more information on the Lapeyre Stair,

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Out-manoeuvre other rudders... ..out of sight.

The astonishing performance of Hamworthy

Industramar MonoVec and VecTwin rudders is readily apparent to the eye. Less apparent are the extra benefits (beyond phenomenal handling) which make these single/twin Schilling rudders the obvious new-build or retrofit priority for any cost-conscious seagoing or offshore operator. • No moving parts, yet outperforms complex mechanic;) rudders cost-effectively. • Proven in over 300 vessels at sea. • Applicable to most ship types, ideal where extreme accuracy and control are required wren manoeuvring. • Suitability confirmed for ships of any size. • Joystick controlled, VecTwin gives single-screw vessels a capability approached only by multi-azimuth propellors or cycloidal water-tractors. Including on-the-spot "hover" with fixed pitch propeilor.

Stopping distance is half that of conventional ship...while heading s maintained under full control.

Full details, free brochure from: lllllllllllll



Hamworthy Industramar Limited, Oak Ridge Road, High Wycombe, Bucks. HP I

Tel: (0494) 351 I I Fax: (0494) 436133 Telex: 838787 2NU United Kingdom

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