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Propulsion Systems (continued)

SES-200, the Navy's only opera- tional surface effect ship.

Textron Marine Systems, New

Orleans, La., has begun modifying the SES-200. The modification calls for converting the ship's propulsion system from conventional propellers to waterjets, and removal of existing diesel engines and gearboxes for re- placement with higher horsepower units that will increase propulsion power from 3,200 hp to 5,720 hp.

Following the conversion and modi- fication, the SES-200 is expected to achieve speeds in excess of 40 knots in calm water, have greater maneu- verability, produce lower in-water noise emission, and be able to oper- ate in shallower waters.

Besides the two MTU diesels, propulsion equipment on board the

SES-200 will include two ZF BW755 gearboxes and twin KaMeWa 71S62/6-SII waterjets.

The Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors,

McCook, 111., recently received an order from tbe U.S. Navy for eight 2,000-kw high-shock 16-645E5N diesel engines. The engines will be

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Circle 290 on Reader Service Card Circle 247 on Reader Service Card used as back-up support to the nu- clear power plants on two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

Sold through EMD's distributor,

Morrison Knudsen, Power Systems

Division, the complete generator sets will be delivered to Newport

News Shipbuilding, where they will be installed on the carriers. EMD high shock gensets have been in- stalled in all six of the Navy's nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, including the recently commis- sioned Abraham Lincoln. The other

CVNs are the Nimitz, Eisenhower,

Vinson, Roosevelt and Washington.

The Fairbanks Morse Engine

Division of Coltec Industries (formerly Colt Industries) has sup- plied the main propulsion engines and ship service engine generators for U.S. Navy LSD-41 Class ships and main propulsion engines for

U.S. Navy TAO-187 Class fleet oil- ers.

One of the newest Navy oilers, the recently launched USNS John Er- icsson, has two 10-cylinder PC 4.2

Colt-Pielstick main engines, cur- rently the largest U.S.-manufac- tured medium-speed diesel engines capable of burning DFM or heavy fuels up to 3,500 sec Redwood at 100 degrees F.

For power applications, the

ALCO 251, popular worldwide and now part of General Electric's product offering, is a four-stroke die- sel engine, available in five sizes— six cylinder in-line and eight-, 12-, 16- and 18-cylinder V configura- tions. Maximum operating speed is 1,200 rpm for the six-, 12- and 16- cylinder units. All ALCO's 251 Se- ries engines have the same bore (9 inches) and stroke (10.5 inches), and employ the same operating princi- ples.

ALCO engines were used aboard the U.S. Coast Guard's Famous

Class medium-endurance cutters as main propulsion and on the first four U.S. Navy oilers (T-AO-187) in genset applications.

Deutz MWM delivered twenty- four 850-kw self-contained generat- ing sets to the Canadian Navy for installation aboard Canada's new patrol frigates. Deutz MWM sold 32 sets of an almost identical configu- ration to the German Navy for use aboard their F-122 Bremen Class frigates.

Serving a power range of 880 to 9,900 kw, Krupp MaK Diesel supplied the U.S. Navy oceanograp- hic survey ships T-AGS-39 and T-

AGS-40 with three Krupp MaK 6 M 332 diesel engines each as the 2,700- kw ship's services electrical plant.

Among the ships being utilized by the Navy during the present Persian

Gulf Crisis are its newest hospital ships, the USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) and USNS Comfort (T-AH-20).

Converted by NASSCO from two 90,000-dwt San Clemente Class tankers, the Mercy and Comfort both feature MAN B&W Diesel auxiliary diesel generator sets. Each vessel is fitted with three gensets (3 x 12V 25/30). Propulsion power for the vessels is provided by a single- screw GE-geared steam turbine pro- ducing 24,500 shaft horsepower.

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