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Propulsion Systems (continued)


Steam turbines, widely used in nuclear propulsion applications, such as in the case of the Nimitz

Class aircraft carriers, can be found in use aboard the U.S. Navy's 58,000-ton Iowa Class battleships.

Both the battleships Iowa and Mis- souri are powered by a propulsion plant consisting of eight boilers and four GE geared steam turbines. GE

Naval & Drive Turbine Sys- tems supplies advanced steam pro- pulsion and ships service turbine generator systems to U.S. Navy ves- sels ranging in size from the largest aircraft carriers to the smallest aux- iliary ships.

The USS Wasp (LHD-1), the lead ship of the Navy's newest amphi- bious assault ship, has a power plant which uses two Westinghouse steam turbines, developing a com- bined 70,000 shp, with two Com- bustion Engineering boilers, to drive the ship at speeds of more than 20 knots.

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The twelve 110-foot Island Class patrol boats under construction at

Bollinger Machine Shop & Ship- yard, Inc., Bayou Lafourche, La., will be outfitted with ZF's BW-755 transmissions. ZF has received or- ders for 26 of the transmissions from Caterpillar, manufacturer of the engines for the boats.

The twelve 141-ton-displacement

WPBs will each be powered by two

Caterpillar 3516-DITA engines, ca- pable of providing 2,740 bhp at 1,910 rpm. The BW-755 transmis- sions will provide a 2.33:1 reduction ratio. The Island Class patrol boats will attain an estimated speed of 26 knots.

The first of the new patrol boats is scheduled for launch in December 1990. ZF marine transmissions were also specified for the 37 Island Class patrol boats previously built for the

Coast Guard.

Founded on an over 100-year-old tradition of supplying the Navy with propulsion and auxiliary equipment, GE, through its Naval & Drive Turbine Systems De- partment, is currently involved in providing geared steam turbines or advanced hardened and ground gears or turbine generator sets for such U.S. Navy combatant pro- grams as: the SSN-688 Los Angeles and SSBN-726 Ohio submarine classes; the CVN-68 Nimitz aircraft carrier; DDG-51 Arleigh Burke de- stroyer; and LHD-1 Wasp amphi- bious assault ship.

At present, GE is involved in the development of a highly advanced propulsion system for the Navy's next generation nuclear attack sub- marine, the SSN-21 Seawolf Class.

The Cincinnati Gear Compa- ny, which supplies gearing rated 2,500 hp and up, has gearing sys- tems fitted aboard LCAC, TAO-187

Henry J. Kaiser Class fleet oilers, and AOE-6 Class Fast Combat Sup- port Ships.

The company's most recent tech- nological advancement is in the in- corporation of SSS/TOSI reversing unit on a 50,000-hp gearbox in the

AOE-6 program. The Fast Combat

Support Ships will be powered by four GE LM2500 gas turbines with four SSS clutches transmitting a total of almost 80,000 kw.

SSS clutches have been supplied to about 400 naval vessels world- wide. The clutches have been used in such vessels as carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, gun- boats, minehunters and patrol boats, ranging in size from 100 to 19,000 tons.


The Bird-Johnson Company,

Walpole, Mass., was recently awarded a contract to supply Pe- terson Builders of Sturgeon Bay,

Wis., with three shipsets of controll- able pitch (CP) propeller systems for three Avenger Class Mine Coun- termeasure Ships. Bird-Johnson also supplied the propellers for the previous 11 MCM-1 Class ships.

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