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The new propeller systems are des- tined for MCMs 12, 13 and 14.

The propeller blades will be cast at Bird-Johnson's Pascagoula,

Miss., foundry.

Last year, Bird-Johnson Compa- ny was awarded contracts to supply the twin-screw controllable-pitch propeller systems for the T-AOs 198, 200, 202, and 204.

In service off the Florida coast, the U.S. Coast Guard's 44-foot fast coastal interceptors feature Record propellers from Rolla Propellers.

The Record propellers are used in the patrol boats' T-Torque drive systems, which provide surface- piercing drive. The boats can reach speeds in excess of 43 knots.

Last year, the U.S. Navy awarded contracts worth over $28 million to the Materials and Components

Group of National Forge Co.,

Irvine, Pa., to supply military ma- rine propulsion system compo- nents.

Components specified by the con- tracts include propeller shafts for new Aegis cruisers and spares for additional cruisers. Customers are

Bath Iron Works, Litton Industries, and the Navy for its Spruance Class (DD-963) destroyers.

Under the contracts, National

Forge will also build line shafts for two Nimitz Class aircraft carriers from Newport News, and one LHD- 1 Wasp Class amphibious assault ship from Ingalls Shipbuilding, Inc.

National Forge will construct pro- pulsion shaft systems for Trident and SSN-688 Class nuclear-pow- ered submarines from Electric Boat

Division-General Dynamics and

Newport News Shipbuilding.

Netherlands-based Lips BV en- tered the large controllable-pitch propeller market in 1966, when it was awarded the contract to supply the 25,000-hp CP propeller for the

Canadian Navy's new DDH-280

Class destroyers.

Since then, many other naval con- tracts have been obtained and final- ized, but at present, the DDH-280 has once again become the focus of

Lips' attention. The ships are un- dergoing a mid-service life conver- sion under TRUMP (Tribal Class

Update and Modernization Pro- gram), and it includes a general overhaul and modernization of the propeller systems. After their con- version, these ships will remain op- erational well beyond the year 2000.

Besides the Canadian Navy, Lips controllable-pitch and fixed-pitch propellers have been fitted aboard naval combatant and auxiliary ves- sels from such countries as: Austra- lia, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Peru, Spain,

Sweden, the United States, Vene- zuela. Lips fixed-propeller systems have been used aboard Nimitz Class aircraft carriers, and its CP propel- ler systems are being fitted aboard four twin-screw frigates for the

Royal Thai Navy presently under construction at the Hudong Ship- yard, PRC.

Sulzer-Escher Wyss five- bladed CP and reverse pitch propel- lers are featured on the FRG's Bre- men Class frigates, as well as on a number of Canadian, Indonesian,

September, 1990 43

Saudi Arabian and South Korean naval ships.

Three new U.S. Navy Torpedo

Test Craft being built by McDer- mott Shipyard, Amelia, La., will be equipped with Omnithruster hy- drojet maneuvering and propulsion systems. The YTTs, -9, -10 and -11, will be fitted with 350-hp Omni- thruster Mark II hydrojet Model JT 700TDs. The hydrojet units will of- fer the craft precise handling, posi- tion keeping and automatic head- ing.

One of the largest RIBs (Rigid-

Hull Inflatable Boat) deployed by the U.S. Coast Guard in search and rescue operations uses a Hamilton model 291 waterjet for propulsion.

The 32-knot, 4-ton boat, the Avon 27-foot Searider RIB, is fitted with a waterjet coupled to a Caterpillar 3208 TA turbocharged, aftercooled diesel engine. The waterjet provides high speed, exceptional maneuvera- bility and shallow water operating capability, all of which ensure the craft is suited for its role of close in-shore rescue and vessel ground- ing operations. •


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