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Woodward Governor

Relocates East Coast

Regional Office

Woodward Governor Company recently announced the establish- ment of a Northeast regional office in Norristown, Pa. The former East

Coast regional office in Rocky Hill,

Conn., is now closed.

The Office will handle sales to turbomachinery end users and even- tually will perform some service functions. This move was made to more satisfactorily and efficiently serve Woodward's growing clientele along the Eastern seaboard.

The address of the Northeast of- fice is: Woodward Governor Compa- ny, Plymouth Greene Campus, 810

E. Germantown Pike #E4, Norris- town, Pa. 19401; phone (215) 278- 1900.

Purepro Water Purifier

Designed to remove displeasing taste, dirt, odor and color from your fresh water supply.

The Purepro reduces the risk of illness and liability due to bacterial or viral contamina- tion or your fresh water supplies by mechan- ical removal and sterilization and no chemicals are ever required.

Silver Series M Watermaker

I Medium-dutv use, private yachts, workboats, commercial fishing vessels, motorsailers.

I Direct drive or belt drive pressure pump is reliable and easily serviced. Non-corrosive pressure vessels, water quality auto control.

Gold Series Watermaker

I Continuous-duty use, Mega- yachts, craise ships, merchant and naval vessels.

I Exclusive VLS direct drive pressure pump allows the smoothest, quietest operation available. Micrologicallv controlled & automated.

Platinum Series


I Cruise and processing ships, resorts, communities, islands and cities.

I Completely custom designed for each application. Conforms to all of YOUR requirements.


DESALINATION I N C 3295 S.W. 11 th Avenue - Fort Lauderdale - Florida 33315 - U.S.A.

Ph: (305) 524-5120 - Fax: (305) 524-5216 - Tlx: 910-250-5354 MATRIX FTFL


Although Bethlehem Steel's Baltimore Marine Division's piers and docks appear fully utilized, the yard will make room for a floating drydock, the

USS Waterford, which will arrive shortly for major repairs. The Waterford will be accommodated in the yard's flexible building basin (upper left) which currently has the ITB New York barge in the outboard position. The 200-foot-wide by 1,200-foot-long basin is equipped with an intermediate gate that, when installed in one of two fixed locations, divides the basin into two sections. The Waterford, which is used by the U.S. Navy for servicing submarines in its homeport of Groton, Conn., will be docked in the inboard position of the basin. Work on the Navy's drydock will take about six months and require approximately 300 workers during this period. Other ships shown (from bottom) are the S/S Flickertail State, the USNS Regu- lus, the ITB New York tug (in the inboard section of the floating drydock) and the SS Gopher State (in the outboard section). The other two ships are the USNS Tanner, inboard, and the USNS Grumman, outboard.

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Baltimore Marine Division,

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Litton Awarded $18-Million Navy Pact

For SSN-688 Equipment

Litton's Amecom division, Col- lege Park, Md., has been awarded an $18-million Navy contract for con- tinued production of AN/BLD-1 di- rection-finding systems for SSN- 688 Class submarines. The new con- tract provides for seven systems, spares, support equipment, data and engineering services. Contracts now total $129 million with 31 sys- tems already delivered.

SEACO/Elliot Introduces

New Line Of Reversible

Life Rafts/Platforms

SEACO/Elliot manufactures and sells a full product line of inflatable life rafts and personnel rescue plat- forms and related products for oceangoing vessels, offshore plat- forms, commercial fishing vessels, corporate and commercial aircraft and various military applications.

In its 30 years, Elliot inflatable life rafts have been instrumental worldwide, in saving hundreds of lives at sea. Originally manufac- tured in Wales, the Elliot life raft was brought to the U.S. in 1958, where it underwent extensive design changes for U.S. Coast Guard and

SOLAS testing and approvals. El- liot was awarded USCG and SOLAS approval in 1960.

Elliot has passed the latest USCG and SOLAS 1983 amendments as one of the first U.S. inflatable life raft manufacturers to have approval for its full line of inflatable life rafts, including its 25-person davit- launched life raft. Also, in 1988 and 1989, the company became the only

U.S. manufacturer to obtain multi- national SOLAS 1983 Amendment approvals, including the Canadian

Coast Guard, U.K. Department of

Transport, USSR Register of Ship- ping, Portugal IGN, and Govern- ment of Argentina.

SEACO/Elliot recently intro- duced its line of new reversible life rafts or platforms and it is the only

U.S. manufactured platform with

USCG and Canadian Coast Guard approval.

SEACO/Elliot offers sales and servicing facilities worldwide through its extensive network of factory authorized distributors. All

Elliot-approved servicing facilities are USCG approved with servicing technicians trained at the factory to insure all Elliot life rafts are serv- iced properly.

World headquarters—executive offices, manufacturing and servicing facility—are located at Riviera

Beach, Fla. The area is serviced by ocean, air, rail and truck transporta- tion within a five-mile radius.

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