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Aeroflex Isolator Offers

Shock Protection For

Sensitive Equipment

Aeroflex International, Plain- view, N.Y., is offering a new, pat- ented, wire rope arch isolator which reduces the complexity and cost of high performance isolation systems needed in critical industrial envi- ronments, where severe shock and vibratory forces may effect sensitive equipment such as electronics, in- strumentation, etc.

The arch isolator provides nearly uniform spring constants along all three X, Y and Z axes. The arch iso- lator design consists of two groups of oppositely inclined, individual loop, arch-like, wire rope flexural elements that offer uniform stiff- ness along the three axes. The unit attenuates vibrations by damping from internal friction between the wire strands.

The all metallic isolators are available in standard sizes ranging from 1/16 to 1-1/2-inch wire rope and in stiffness ranges to meet most commercial and military applica- tions. The temperature range of the arch isolator is -400 F to 700 F, and it is designed to be interchangeable with existing wire rope isolators.

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Aeroflex International wire rope iso- lators,

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Thordon Marine Bearings have proven their superior performance in the largest and smallest vessels of the world.

Thordon's tough elastomeric properties provide extended wearlife at reduced friction levels. Extended wearlife means less time in dock and reduced lifecycle costs.

Thordon does this without the aid of petroleum lubricants. Thordon can be lubri- cated by seawater, or in some applications will run dry.

No petroleum lubrication means no seals, no seal problems, and no seepage of stern tube oil or rudder bearing grease into the waterways of the world.

Together we can reduce lifecycle costs and environmental impact. Thordon Marine

Bearings are classification society approved.


MARINE BEARINGS 3225 Mainway, Burlington, Ontario

Canada, L7M 1A6

TELEX 061-8705 FAX (416) 335-4033

TEL (416) 335-1440

For a cleaner harbor THORDON MARINE BEARINGS

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Hitachi Zosen Completes

VLCC Sea Prince'

The cargo oil pipes on the Sea Prince are arranged to allow simultaneous storage of three types of crude oil and are coated with high-grade paint to ensure corrosion pro- tection. A stripping system shortens loading time and reduces labor costs.

The Sea Prince, a 275,782-dwt tanker, was recently completed at

Hitachi Zosen's Ariake Works. The 1,070-foot-long by 185.7-foot-wide very large crude carrier (VLCC) was christened and delivered to the owner, Seatruth Shipping Company


The tanker is powered by an HZ

MAN B&W 6S80MC type diesel en- gine with maximum continuous out- put of 23,090 hp x 73 rpm, produc- ing a speed of 14 knots. It is equip- ped with a Hitachi Zosen-developed

Super Stream Duct nozzle in front of the propeller and a large bulbous bow below the bow waterline and features self-polishing copolymer (SPC)-type antifouling paint which reduces the hull's frictional resist- ance and ensures long-term fouling prevention. Highly improved pro- pulsion efficiency is thus achieved.

To cut fuel expenses, fuel con- sumption is greatly reduced by the use of a low-rpm, long-stroke, turbo- charged diesel engine operated in a derated mode.

Remote-control level gauges for the cargo oil tanks and the water ballast tanks enable tank levels to be monitored even from the cargo control room.

The main engine can be operated from the wheelhouse with micro- computer-based remote control equipment. Automated monitors permit navigation without operator attendance in the engine room.

The Sea Prince has a complement of 30 persons and carries the classi- fication NV.

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Moran Towing Appoints

Muller Operations Manager

For N.Y. Tugs, Barges

Moran Towing & Transportation

Co. Inc. recently appointed Wil- liam P. Muller as manager of operations of its New York tug and barge fleet.

Mr. Muller, who served pre- viously as assistant operations man- ager in Greenwich, Conn., since 1989, joined Moran in its sales de- partment in 1977. He subsequently was appointed general manager of

Moran Towing of Florida in Jack- sonville where he served from 1982 to January 1989. 6 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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