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Very truly yours,

America's Composite Hose Company

An Open Letter From The President:

The composite hose manufactured at Nuflex is superior in every facet to those manufactured by any of our competition.

One reason for this is the materials that go into our hose are the finest - (all made in America). We buy our materials from companies such as Exxon

Corp., Johnson & Johnson, I.C.I. Americas. All proven companies with a proven record of excel- lence.

By manufacturing the product in the USA we are able to service our customers not only much easi- er and faster but at a more competitive price as well. Special services such as color coding—cus- tomer labeling—different wire or other com- pound combinations can be manufactured and shipped usually within a seven day period. (This lead time is unthinkable when dealing with our

European competitors.)

Because of all the problems America has encoun- tered through the years, everyone is conscious of the strong message being sent out to "Buy Ameri- can" we believe that this gives our distributors a decided edge over their competition when com- peting in today's marketplace.

While examining our catalog you will become aware of the wide variety of hoses that Nuflex off- ers, we feel this also gives our distributors a de- cided edge.

In The Final Analysis We Offer: 1. Finest quality (American made materials) 2. Superior Service 3. Proven Saleability 4. Wider Range of Products

There is one point that we haven't covered here and that is DEDICATION. Everyone at Nuflex is totally dedicated to supplying our customers with a product that is suited to their needs at a price that they "can live with". When talking with our in- side people, sales engineers or technical people this dedication will become very apparent. All we ask in return is the opportunity to serve you.

Harry Combe


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