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Steamboat Announces

Corporate Staff Expansion

Douglas Kratz, president of

Steamboat Development Corpora- tion, has announced the addition of

Christopher Gibase, Steven

Roxberg, and James Rylander to the company's corporate staff.

Mr. Gibase has been appointed casino manager of the company. He will plan, develop and oversee gam- ing areas for all of Steamboat Devel- opment's casino cruise ships. Mr.

Gibase was employed by Resorts

International when the company pi- oneered casino gaming in New Jer- sey.

Mr. Rylander has joined Steam- boat Development as project man- ager. He will be coordinating land- based construction and maintaining the completed facilities.

Mr. Roxberg has been named manager of information systems. He will be involved with projects in- cluding systems integration, pro- gramming, procurement, and proj- ect management.

J.R. Merritt Introduces

Rugged Cast Design

Single Axis Controllers

Type NSO-SF Single Axis Rug- ged Cast Design Controllers, recent- ly introduced by J.R. Merritt of

Stamford, Conn., are actively uti- lized in controlling equipment in military, industrial and marine ap- plications. The devices are particu- larly suitable for hostile environ- ments such as in shipboard and off- shore applications as well as for con- trolling heavy mining and material handling equipment. These control- lers provide the operator with a pre- cise manually selectable directional or proportional variable speed con- trol of equipment utilizing AC or

DC drives and electrohydraulic valves, strokers and actuators.

For more information and free lit- erature from J.R. Merritt,

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New Fairplay Book

Details 1990 World

Shipping Statistics

Shipping industry professionals interested in statistics will welcome a new publication just issued by

Fairplay Information Systems (FI-


Drawn from the extensive FISYS database, "World Shipping Statis- tics 1990" presents a detailed statis- tical analysis of world shipping in- dustry, in a concise graphical format. The 174-page volume con- tains more than 300 graphs, com- pletely updated to reflect changes in the marine industry since 1989.

The volume is divided into five sections: World Merchant Fleet,

Newbuildings, Market Prices,

Freight Rates and Port Traffic. The first chapter provides extensive country-by-country cross-tabula- tion of the current world shipping fleets by flag, owner's country or

September, 1990 domicile, country of build and clas- sification society. The Newbuildings section analyzes the current world shipping orderbook by vessel type, flag, owner's country of domicile and country of build. This section also provides graphs analyzing market shares for shipbuilding na- tions, yards and engine manufactur- ers.

In the Market Prices chapter, a series of graphs illustrate trends in newbuilding prices, second-hand prices and demolition prices, as well as tonnage scrapped, tonnage laid- up and casualties. The Freight

Rates section includes analysis of the Baltic Freight Index and GCBS

Freight Rates, as well as bulk tanker and gas freight rates. The final chapter provides graphs showing port container and cargo through- put by country and region.

The cover price in the U.S. for "World Shipping Statistics 1990" is $78. Copies may be ordered from:

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