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New Line Of Lights

From Julian A. McDermott

Uses Solar Power

The Julian A. McDermott Corpo- ration, Ridgewood, N.J., a provider of marine lights for over 25 years, has introduced an innovative new line of solar-powered marker lights.

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Marine Equipment


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O the Houston Pilots Association and a 90-foot sportfishing vessel.

The MBARI boat will feature a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) moon pool with theater management system (TMS) compensating crane.

Other features and equipment will include a traction winch with a reel winch and level wind, slow-speed dynamic positioning and tracking, variable draft, an ultra-short base lg system, acoustic profiler, depth sounder, 1 log, conductivity tem- 1 depth winch. ! of the SWATH design accommodate the re- r a stable research plat- which to deploy the

DVs and other oceano- umentation, under the ing condition that typi- off the central Califor- l to the inherent stabil- iVATH design, Swath us will incorporate its ike buoyancy structure table cavitation damp- ire which will increase iherent stability of the ry of the vessel is sched- 1994. terature detailing the [instruction services of l Systems, n Reader Service Card lamed Manager, ' Affairs il Marine . Loefstedt has joined •ine, Inc., New Orleans, ger, regulatory affairs. i barge transportation ew Orleans headquar- efstedt will serve as tion' principal liaison • d national government and agencies and wa- istry organizations, tedt recently concluded service with the U.S.

L. He served in New id assignments since ecently as Chief of the ict's Marine Safety Di- riously, he held com- ns in Mobile, Memphis ,aff positions in Wash-

Marine, Inc., is the d largest full service jest overall inland wa- ation company, provid- carrier and contract ;s throughout the Mis- r and Gulf Intracoastal /stems. With over 70 erience, the company •oximately 60 towboats, jo hopper barges and *es. National Marine is ;d subsidiary ofV ectura

Pittsburgh-based hold- hing Boat :or U.S. Owner t aluminum SWATH ng vessel designed by

Modern Marine Design Co. was re- cently launched in Vancouver,

Wash., for owner Buz Alison.

The vessel has tandem struts and circular section, bulbous stern pon- toons. The "Alison 87" will have a light ship displacement of 50 long tons and full load displacement of 82 long tons.

Noteworthy features are attrac- tive styling, yacht-like interior, stable ride (even at low speeds), spacious deck arrangements, and fishing and observation deck which is low to the water and extends the full length of the vessel.

Powered by twin Merlin 450-hp engines, with Twin Disc reduction gears, turning Rice 44-inch, four- bladed propellers. The engines are located inside the pontoons of the boat. She has a speed of 14 to 15 knots.

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