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maritime industry into a bustling global hub; pro- specialized set of laws and rules. Given the com- viding a resourceful trading corridor connecting plexity of these disputes, alternative dispute reso-

East and West. The ? ow of international trade re- lution is a preferred way to litigation that can go lies heavily on the transport of goods by sea. The on for years, with possible stages of appeal.

The Author maritime business has weathered many political Arbitration provides many advantages in the

Majid Obaid bin Bashir is and economic challenges over the last few years, resolution of maritime disputes too, allowing par-

Acting Chairman and Sec- and yet, continues to take signi? cant strides in ties to choose arbitrators with sector knowledge retary General, EMAC.

technological and service advancement and im- or who are equipped with a speci? c understanding provement. Today, most maritime experts are of the issue at hand. Maritime cases usually are looking at maximizing returns and cutting costs quite technical in nature. Arbitration gives parties without impeding on quality, or ef? ciency. The the option to circumvent lengthy court proceed- strength of maritime is the willingness of key ings and the need for court appointed experts by players from around the world to come together agreeing to appoint someone as an arbitrator who to encourage further innovation and develop- has suf? cient experience and expertise. Provid- ment, speci? cally related to shipping. ing the arbitrator with the ? exibility required

This is where the UAE, especially Dubai has to take a more proactive role in monitoring the put together a Maritime Sector Strategy to en- progress of a case. In turn, this ensures that the compass best practices for ship repairs, port facil- matter is resolved in a timely and resource ef? - ities, bunkering, legal services and a whole range cient manner. Allowing for the process, including of maritime related facilities, positioning itself as the hearing(s), to be held privately and to remain a major contributor to the growth and develop- con? dential, which can be of great advantage ment of the sector. since maritime cases are often of high value and

In response to the signi? cant developments once processed through courts, media attention within the maritime community, and as part of the is a possibility. Other advantages include the ele-

UAE government’s vision, the establishment of ment of ? nality in judgement since there are very the Dubai Maritime Cluster was inevitable with limited rights of review by local courts and the

Emirates Maritime Arbitration Center (EMAC) issuance of arbitral awards which are enforceable as its arbitration arm, established by an Emiri de- in foreign jurisdictions through the New York cree in April 2016. Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement

Due to this rapid growth in the sector, disputes of Foreign Arbitral Awards (“New York Conven- are naturally expected to increase. Transport tion”). As a result, an arbitral award may be en- contracts and cases often require a complex and forced in all the convention signatory countries.

About the Author

Geert Schouten is co-founder and Director of Shipbuilder Soft- ware. Shipbuilder is a data managing software during the life cycle of any maritime object. tion that is of no use to you. What strikes me is ple Damen and Ulstein, data suddenly becomes that large data processing software companies of enormous added value. Their data (regularly copy this search system one-on-one. It’s often several terabytes) is available in real time and a searching for a needle in a haystack. All maritime search always gives the right information. And companies have a gigantic database. For many that is just the beginning. this data is placed in Word, Excel, PDF and other non-suitable data processors. Searching for the Data Intelligence Knowledge Base: Develop right data is then a needlessly complex activity Your Knowledge and how can you know for certain that your Word In Shipbuilder, our 25 years of experience in the document is the latest version? maritime sector is incorporated in a Data Intelli- gence Knowledge Base. This contains a wealth of

Real Maritime Digital Transformation basic information pre-programmed for complex

One search to get the data you need immediate- maritime projects. At the same time, the Data In- ly. That’s what you want! And the solution is so telligence Knowledge Base will help your compa- simple: let the computer rock! What could be bet- ny unlock the knowledge while you’re working. ter than a program with which all, often linked, In this knowledgebase all explicit and implicit data is directly available, in real time per project? knowledge is retained for the future. A new col- league can start working with this knowledge

Data Intelligence immediately. Therefore all important knowledge

Together with my team, I have developed a remains in your company. It even helps Ulstein to smart data management program: Shipbuilder. develop at a rapid pace.

We guarantee for 100% that the data structure of So will you keep searching for that needle in any maritime company ? ts into Shipbuilder. That your gigantic data mountain, or will you develop makes us unique. For our customers, for exam- with Shipbuilder? 19

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