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More Shipbuilding pensated gangway and elevator tower vering equipment specialist company systems for propulsion, positioning and

Ulstein Group’s headquarters at Ulste- for personnel and cargo transfers and a Brunvoll is one of Ulstein Group’s main maneuvering.

invik was the venue for a series of pre- 3D compensated crane capable of two- suppliers and its Brunvoll Volda sub- sentations by the company and its sup- ton cargo lifts is included. The optimized sidiary recently delivered an extensive Waste Energy Recovery pliers. Ulstein has signed a shipbuilding onboard logistics includes large storage propulsion and maneuvering equipment Ulmatec (Ulstein Marine Technology contract with a German company, Ber- capacities, of which half is under roof package to Ulstein Group company Ul- AS), a descendant of Ulstein Mek Verk- nhard Schulte, for an SOV of the UL- in a controlled environment, and a step- stein Verft for Color Line Marine’s new sted, the origin of Ulstein Group), oper-

STEIN SX195 design type developed by less approach to offshore installations. hybrid Ro-Pax ferry, which is currently ates a number of subsidiaries, including

Ulstein Design & Solutions. The vessel The vessel is also equipped with a fuel- known as Color Hybrid. waste energy recovery specialist Ul- will support the maintenance work of ef? cient drive system that includes a The hybrid propulsion system is a matec Pyro. The company has recently

GE Renewable Energy at offshore wind battery-solution from Ulstein. With all twin-screw gearbox and cp-propeller been developing systems for use in ex- farm Merkur Offshore in Germany. The main equipment and operations in the system with PTI/PTO for a combined ploration vessels and works on the prem- project was developed in cooperation aft ship, the vessel will naturally operate electric motor/generator designed for a ise that the majority of the heat lost from with Bernhard Schulte af? liate WIN- astern while in-? eld in areas such as op- combination of diesel-mechanical, elec- a combustion engine can be captured and

DEA Offshore. eration and maintenance or construction tric- or battery operational modes. In ad- reused for a number of purposes includ-

The SX195 design of the vessel has support, avoiding slamming, noise or vi- dition, the rudder is integrated with the ing the heating of accommodation, sani- been modi? ed to ful? l GE Renewable brations caused by waves, especially in propeller and hull for optimal fuel ef? - tary hot water, heating swimming pools,

Energy’s tender requirements and the challenging weather and sea conditions. ciency and the thruster package consists producing fresh water, tank heating, shipowner’s particular mission equip- of two FPP tunnel thrusters and an RDT HFO pre-heating, tank washing, de-icing ment needs. It has a large, centrally- Marine Power permanent magnet driven tunnel thrust- and the pre-heating of engines in standby positioned ‘walk to work motion’ com- Propulsion, positioning and maneu- er. The delivery also contains control mode. In addition, new technologies are

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Practicing offshore sup- port operations at the Off- shore Simulator Center: optimizing procedures in this way ensures effective, ef? cient and safe opera- tions in the ? eld. 26 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • SEPTEMBER 2018

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