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CUTTING & WELDING have become popular because material ishing problems with brushing technol-

Widely known by the handling is costly. Shipyards can save ogy in the sophisticated environments of brand name Flex- a lot of money if their cutting systems nuclear energy, aerospace and computer

Hone, the ball-style can produce ? nished product without technology, as well as in other industrial hone is a highly spe- multiple material handling while also applications. avoiding processing errors that may cialized abrasive tool occur. In addition, the introduction of that features small, through-tool MQL (minimum quantity Scotchman Digital Measuring System abrasive globules

Scotchman’s RG Digital Quick-Stop, lubricant) improves drilling and elimi- permanently mounted nates both the inconvenience and cost of coupled with a Scotchman CPO 350 cold saw, is designed to make a manual using ? ooding coolant.

to ? exible ? laments for machine into a part-cutting workhorse deglazing, de-burring, with repeatable accuracy. Made in the

Cutting tables: There are multiple ad- edge-blending and vantages and disadvantages in using U.S., the saw and programmable mea- cross-hatching.

water, downdraft and self-cleaning in suring system work together seamlessly

Photo: Brush Research Marketing cutting systems. If the cutting system is to increase production while reducing equipped with a drill, hold-down forces scrap and operator error in the machine

Combining the can be of the order of tons - this would shop. Entering cut lists into the control- ler makes it easy to make accurate cuts crush an older-generation table.

Scotchman every time.

Digital QuickStop

Backed by a three-year warranty, the programmable

Speeding up Cylinder Servicing Scotchman CPO 350 is an industrial- measuring system

Modern cargo ships are real workhors- grade circular cold saw with 100° of es that spend most of the time at sea and mitering ability, a dual-clamping self- with the Scotch- being dead in the water from an engine centering vise, and a chip drawer. The man CPO 350 failure is very costly for their opera- saw has a two-speed motor and utilizes saw enables op- tors/owners. As many maritime crews up to a 14-in. diameter blade, giving it a erators to increase do not include diesel mechanics, it is 4-7/8-in. OD round capacity that consis- important that repair and maintenance tently produces burr-free, high-quality production while shops are able to provide engine repair cuts.

reducing scrap or overhaul services quickly and thor- Increased production and reliable and operator error oughly: the main challenge is servicing stop position accuracy of ±.008” can in the machine ocean-going engines including most of be achieved by coupling the saw with the international big-bore models such an RG Digital Quick-Stop measuring shop.

Photo: Scotchman as those from Sulzer, Yanmar, Daihatsu, system. Operators can change lengths

MAN B&W and MAK. quickly by using preset hotkeys and eas-

When carrying out overhauls or re- ily adjust measurements on a 7” touch- pairs that involve cylinders, it is ex- screen Android tablet or they can upload pected that cylinder liners will have to a complete cut list using the system’s be deglazed and cross-hatched, and for Bluetooth & WIFI capabilities.

The new HMD2MT magnetic these jobs a compact, portable and high- drill from Hougen Manu- ly ef? cient tool, the ball-style hone, is often employed. Widely known by the Streamline Maritime Pipe Modeling facturing allows for more

Victaulic and SSI have come together brand name Flex-Hone and the nick- tooling options by utilizing a name ‘dingleberry’, the ball-style hone to streamline maritime design and con- #2 Morse Taper arbor sys- is a highly specialized abrasive tool that struction by integrating Victaulic con- tem, enabling fabricators to is instantly recognizable by its unique tent for MEP in SSI’s Autodesk Ship- appearance. It features small, abrasive Constructor software so that design not only drill holes with an- globules that are permanently mounted ? rms and shipyards that choose Victau- nular cutters but also to use to ? exible ? laments and is a low-cost lic grooved joining solutions can lever- taps, reamers, twist drills, age the tool to lay out and design pip- tool that is particularly favored by me- ing systems faster and more ef? ciently. drill chucks, countersinks chanics and metalworkers due to its de- glazing, de-burring, edge-blending and For both newbuild and retro? t, vessel and other tools.

users can pair Victaulic’s integrated cross-hatching capabilities.

Whether used for cleaning, de-burring grooved content with ShipConstructor’s or plateau ? nishing, this tool provides a innovative software to meet speci? c low-temperature abrading process that weight, space, time or cost requirements exposes the undisturbed base metal to from preconstruction through comple- produce a long-wearing surface free tion so that pairing this new maritime of fragmented, amorphous or smeared pipe modeling content with Victaulic’s grooved pipe joining solutions reduces metal from previous operations. Avail- able in various grit sizes and diameters the time and effort required to complete up to 50-plus inches, Brush Research maritime projects.

Manufacturing (BRM) offers a line of

Flex-Hones that are particularly suited to heavy-duty applications.

Brush Research Manufacturing has Versatile Magnetic Drill

Photo: Hougen Manufacturing

The new HMD2MT magnetic drill also been active in solving dif? cult ? n- 54 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • SEPTEMBER 2018

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