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CUTTING & WELDING from Hougen Manufacturing allows with gun connections. for more tooling options by utilizing a #2 Morse Taper arbor system, enabling fabricators to not only drill holes with Portable solution for annular cutters but also to use taps, Multiprocess Welding

Miller Electric introduced the Dy- reamers, twist drills, drill chucks, coun- tersinks and other tools. Other features nasty 280 DX with CV, a multi-process

The POWER MIG of the new drill include a two-speed welder capable of AC/DC TIG, MIG motor with forward/reverse, seven-inch and stick welding. Weighing 55 lbs, 260 offers superior stroke, double dovetail slide, a pilot this portable machine is suitable for the welding performance light, a coolant system, a hex wrench shop or jobsite for applications that in- and a multitude of holder, a two-stage magnet, and the clude shipbuilding, construction, preci- professional features

Hougen operator safety system. The sion fabrication, heavy fabrication, pipe and tube fabrication, and maintenance for MIG and Flux-

HMD2MT has the capacity to drill holes up to 1-5/8” in diameter, tap holes up to and repair.

Cored welding in

With this new welder, operators can 5/8” and ream holes up to ¾”diameter. light industrial shop

TIG weld 0.012” to 3/8” aluminum and

The drill weighs only 40 lbs.

fabrication, main- 0.004” to 3/8” steel. The machine offers superior arc performance and the abil- tenance and repair

Simpli? ed Fabrication with ity to TIG weld with AC waveforms, work.

POWER MIG 260 including advanced squarewave, soft

Lincoln Electric has introduced its squarewave, sine wave and triangular latest innovation in welding machin- wave. The CV output of the machine ery, the POWER MIG 260 for MIG and delivers MIG welding capabilities when

Flux-Cored welding in light industrial paired with a SuitCase X-TREME volt- shop fabrication, maintenance and re- age-sensing feeder that is powered off pair work. With an ergonomic design, the arc voltage of the power source and the POWER MIG 260 simpli? es and can run both solid and ? ux-cored wires.

streamlines the welding process while The Dynasty 280 DX with CV deliv-

Lincoln Electric’s patented ArcFX tech- ers up to 280 amps for welding and in- nology provides instant graphical feed- cludes Auto-Line technology, which al- back on the user interface, illustrating lows for any input voltage hookup from how wire feed speed and voltage affect 208 to 575 volts with no manual link- the weld outcome. The memory capabil- ing. This provides convenience for any ity enables users to load and save weld job setting and is ideal for applications settings, while its adjustable features al- where there is dirty or unreliable power. low for a customized welding session. In addition, the machine uses high fre-

Set-up for this machine is quick and quency (HF) on starts only in order to easy with its Ready.Set.Weld feature. eliminate HF interference issues dur-

Push-and-turn digital controls and a ing welding. Blue Lightning high-fre-

Arc welding manufacturer seven-inch, full-color display guides us- quency arc starter technology provides

Miller Electric has intro- ers through the process for intuitive and non-contact arc initiation, resulting in duced the new Dynasty 280 simple set-up and operation. more consistent arc starts and greater

The unit comes complete with a Max- reliability compared to traditional HF

DX with CV, a multiprocess trac Wire Drive, Magnum PRO 250L arc starters.

welder capable of AC/DC

Welding Gun, quick storage accesso- Operators can make precision adjust-

TIG, MIG and stick welding.

ries, 10foot work cable with clamp, gas ments using the machine’s all-digital regulator and ten-foot power cable with controls for greater quality control and plug. Additional features include a coil repeatability. The Dynasty 280 DX with claw for an organized work station, a CV also includes Pro-Set technology, side-mounted tool holder, and an angled which eliminates guesswork when set- gun connection for improved feedabil- ting weld parameters: operators simply ity. The unit also offers an easily acces- select the feature and adjust the setting sible front-mounted 115V power outlet until Pro-Set appears in the display.

Arcair’s SLICE Exothermic Cutting System

Arcair has completed a major upgrade to its SLICE exo- thermic cutting system, providing for a more ergonomic torch grip and oxygen ? ow lever, and protection for the operator’s hand from molten spray when piercing. To ex- tend striker life, the new striker assembly incorporates a slide mechanism that enables the operator to expose

Photo: ESAB Photo: Miller Electric Photo: Lincoln Electric the copper ignition bar in small increments, shielding the fresh portion. 56 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • SEPTEMBER 2018

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