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Wärtsilä Unveils Navi-Planner

Wärtsilä unveiled its new Navi-Planner voyage planning and optimization solution, developed by Transas, a Wärtsilä company. The new Navi-

Planner makes use of the connected ECDIS. The new connectivity allows tedious onboard voyage planning to be cut from 5 hours to 30 minutes.

The new Navi-Planner uses one of the world’s

Hatteland Technology largest navigational databases, as well as arti? cial intelligence to auto-create a route that is safe to

Hatteland Technology

Volvo Penta sail. It calculates weather optimization, supports

Hatteland Technology unveiled a new product

Volvo Penta Gives D16 Marine hazard identi? cation, creates a voyage plan, and and integrated solutions portfolio with focus on

Genset More Spark provides at all times the latest charts and data au- control, monitoring and the maritime Internet of tomatically. In addition, it enables onshore ? eet Responding to the trend for more electrical power

Things (IoT). The all-new Series E panel com- operators to remotely monitor their vessels in for vessels’ auxiliary systems and hybrid drive- puter range is designed to offer a dependable all- real-time, record navigational near misses, and lines, Volvo Penta has given its D16 genset a in-one solution for diverse maritime applications. support incident investigation and playback. recharge, upgrading it to meet 450 and 500kw.

Providing screen clarity at a competitive price,

The IMO II-compliant engines now produce 479 the Series E panel computers will be available in kWm at 1,500 rpm and 532 kWm at 1,800 kWm 15.6-, 21.5-, 24- and 27-in. sizes. The new Series corresponding to a 50 Hz genset providing 450

E products will provide tangible cost savings for kWe and a 500 kWe delivery at 60 Hz. The up- maritime technology and equipment manufactur- graded and stronger engine represents the most ers as well as systems integrators, and come with powerful Volvo Penta MG engine in the toughest

Hatteland’s reputation for long service life, soft- marine genset rating, ensuring high output and a ware ? exibility and exceptional optical bonding 3% reduction in fuel consumption.



Wilhelmsen Cargo Hold Cleaner

Wilhelmsen’s Unitor CargoClean HD improves performance of its predecessor but requires just half the volume of chemicals previously needed.

Re? ned several times before the Wilhelmsen team felt their complex alkaline micro emulsion cleaner was strong enough to test against the best

Marlink’s ITLink Portfolio

Marlink launched ITLink, a portfolio of IT solu- of the rest onboard a vessel, the new concentrated

KVH tions for standardizing, simplifying and automat- formula of Unitor CargoClean HD consistently ing IT operations at sea and delivering substantial produced the best cleaning results. Speci? cally

KVH Watch IoT time and cost savings related to on board network designed for the dirtiest cargoes such as heavy

Connectivity as a Service

IT administration and management through ad- coal and petcoke residues, it removes often dif? -

KVH Industries introduced an all-inclusive, no- vanced dashboard and intelligent applications. cult stains at the ? rst attempt. Doing so with need commitment, Internet of Things (IoT) Connectiv-

The ITLink suite is designed to service the mari- for signi? cantly less volume of the product, than ity as a Service program utilizing global VSAT time industry as a standalone service with ? eet other brands, and indeed their own Aquatuff HF, communications. KVH Watch is designed as the wide standardization and digitalization for ship the recommended dosage rate is just 10 percent. connectivity solution for remote equipment mon- owners. This is more important than ever to en- itoring and intervention by maritime equipment sure to take all the advantages of remote IT in- manufacturers and IoT application providers. tervention onboard, 24/7 monitoring of onboard

With remote monitoring, manufacturers can act in

IT environment and increase the level of compli- real time, minimizing expensive service calls and ance with reference to upcoming regulations such ensuring that their equipment is performing at its as IMO2021 and TSMA version 3. ITLink also peak for the maritime operation. KVH designed provides deep transparency via an IT-speci? c ad- the IoT connectivity solution with cybersecurity vanced online dashboard, which includes contin- as an essential feature. uously updated PC and server status information.

ITLink is available standalone or fully integrated.

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