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MIROS Speed Through Water OSM Maritime’s OSM ON

Miros launched Miros Speed Through Water, a OSM Maritime dry-mounted, radar-based system. “Access to ac- introduces OSM curate speed through water data will enable im- ON, which uses provements in the application of ship performance the company’s optimization protocols. This, in turn, will lead to Maritime Op- signi? cant cost ef? ciencies for ship owners. This erations Center is a breakthrough in ef? cient and data-driven ship in Singapore –

C-MAP performance management and an important con- which digitally

C-MAP’s Integrated Suite tribution to ambitious goals for lowering emis- connects all ves-

C-MAP released C-MAP IMS 2.1, an upgrade of sions in the industry,” said Andreas Brekke, CEO, sels under OSM its Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS) with new fea-

Miros. As a part of a 6-month pilot-project, BW management, tures for navigational chart and publication man-

Dry Cargo is testing the new technology on its and all activities agement and even more powerful voyage optimi-

BW Rye newbuild. BW Dry Cargo’s Managing with real-time zation. A modular onboard software suite, IMS

Director, Christian Bon? ls, believes Miros’ tech- visibility and 2.1 is designed to improve operational ef? ciency nology can contribute to signi? cant (10%) fuel transparency – to provide 24/7 response and risk and streamline voyage planning and nautical in- savings for the company. management support services. Bjoern Sprotte, formation management. The newly enhanced

COO & President at OSM Maritime, said, “from

NauticalManager module supports a modern the outset the center has offered ‘always on’ ? eet and ef? cient work? ow for automated chart and and business support services, but – together with publication management, and a comprehensive tech start-ups - we’ve looked at ? nding new ways set of simple-to-use but powerful tools for route to fully unlock the value of the data we gather for planning, graphical and quantitative analysis of the bene? t of our customers, in the context of the

Andreas weather and navigational considerations. IMS unique industry experience and expertise OSM is


Voyage Planning is available free of charge to C- built upon. OSM ON is a product of that drive.”


MAP commercial chart customers.


Photo: G. Trauthwein

GNS: “Navigation as a Service”

GNS will sell all digital and paper nautical charts and publications at cost, as part of its Voyager Navigation as a Service (VNaaS) solution. VNaaS customers will pay an annual software license fee to access a complete set of software and data analytics tools that enable of- ? cers onboard to order the charts and publications they need for each voyage and shore-based stakeholders to control and manage navigation purchasing and compli- ance more effectively.

The new GNS Voyager Navigation as a Service (NaaS) offer provides shipping companies with: • Savings through the purchase of digital and paper charts and publications at cost price; • Transparency of the cost of navigation supplies; • Tools to actively reduce consumption of charts and publications across ? eets; • Enhanced voyage analytics to enhance vessel op- erations; • Automated chart and publication ordering as well

MR TV was set up in Oslo for NorShipping 2019. See Paul Stanley, CEO, GNS @ as simpler chart and publication compliance and update management for the vessel including V

Drive for safer transfer of ENCs to ECDIS; • Voyager PC healthcheck software to support cyber security onboard. 56 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • JULY 2019

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