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Big Data and Digitalization

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As the oil industry connects more OT systems, it also creates control. Can I see what’s happening, and can I do something exposure points, which means more ways for “bad guys to get about it?” in” and affect core operations. “Systems that were never meant And it’s an ever-changing landscape, particularly because or designed to be connected are now connected,” he says. the OT environment is a new one for both the attackers and

A clear understanding of an operation’s connectivity is the defenders, he says.

foundation of a solid cybersecurity plan. That means looking “Operators are trying to ? gure out how to put the basics in at how two items are connected in both the real world and place and then how to get ahead of it. Cybersecurity is not the digital one, who has access in each, and ? guring out the ‘set it and forget it.’ As you add digitalization, connectivity potential consequences of an attack, he says. The next step is goes up, and how they attack is going to change,” he says. determining what to do if an attack occurs. “There’s an active adversary that most of this industry has “Cyber security comes down to two things: visibility and never faced before.”

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