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for the robots to successfully operate au- ments. We will work with operators on

How does robotics incorporate tonomously in an ATEX environment. installations, building con?dence and into Total’s broader mission?

We will test robotic fundamentals such acceptance. The lessons learned from

Robotics and autonomous systems as mobility, navigation over a range of such deployments will enable “robotiza- will allow Total to reduce its Scope 1 surfaces such as gratings, gravel, and tion” of future platform design. If we are and 2 emissions by increasing ef?ciency stairs. It’s important for us to stress-test to eventually achieve a fully unmanned and reducing the amount of transporta- the interface between the robot and the platform, we will need further advances tion of personnel that will be required. digital architecture. We will introduce in robotics. That will require different We are also participating in the recently locomotion systems that can perform approved OGTC project for accurate two robots performing simultaneous au- tonomous navigation without collision a wider range of different tasks but all remote methane monitoring using be- nevertheless communicating through yond visual line of sight (BVLoS) un- with each other. the standard digital twin architecture. manned aerial vehicles.

What’s the initial goal and what’s the longer-term vision?

The path for Total is to investigate how best to further develop and extend the use of robotics. Initially, we need to make the transition between a one-off week-long

MAXIMIZE deployment to a 12-month continuous deployment. We need to assess the reli-


ability and robustness of the robot. Re- peatability needs to be monitored closely;

MINIMIZE can the robot perform the same missions


day in day out? If so, we can build up datasets on how equipment potentially

For over ? fty years, Nylacast have helped and assisted its customers to degrades over time and apply machine enhance project performance, ef ciency learning to that. In parallel to reliability and safety through the design, and robustness, we want to perform mis- manufacture and supply of award-winning materials technology.

sions that will bring value to the business, for example by targeting inspection tasks

Manufacturing components from initial chemistry to end product, Nylacast’s that need to be performed frequently. full engineering solutions enhance

Longer-term, we wish to remove the performance and reduce maintenance robot handler, the person in the im- through their corrosion resistance, low weight and low friction.

mediate vicinity of the robot who is equipped with the remote emergency

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stop. For that, we need to prove high reliability in obstacle avoidance and collision detection. Adding manipula- tion functionality is also important to complement the inspection capabilities.

Is that likely to involve dif- ferent types of robotics for different tasks and scenari- os, eg. greenfield sites and brownfield sites?

In the near-term, Total will deploy robotics in human-engineered environ- |

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