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FEATURES 28 “Stevie the Robot”

Total readies the Taurob designed “Stevie” for test at Shetland Gas Plant.

By Elaine Maslin

Source: Total 34

Digital Twinning & Reduced Maintenance

Now, more than ever with a suppressed oil price and

COVID-19, the offshore industry needs proven means to cut lifecycle costs. Digital Twins hold promise.

By Dawn Robertson & Neil Pickering

Source: Bureau Veritas

Departments 4 16 40

By the Numbrs Maintenance Update Bearings Tech Talk

Rigs & Discoveries Processing Cuttings OffshoreDefect classi?cation is a crucial step in 5 determining bearing health.

Region in Focus

NW Europe 43

By Chris Johnson

Tech Talk 32 6 Big Bearings & Pipe Laying



Many of the more advanced mechanics of 44 robotic systems are being developed as part 7

Products of the Offshore Robotics for Certi?cation

Editor’s Letter Deck Machinery of Assets (ORCA) Hub in Edinburgh.

By Elaine Maslin 8 46

Leading Off Executives on the Move

Well Integrity 38

Tech Talk 10 48 3D Printing Downhole Tools

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Heavy Lift Vessels 14

Market Report Jack Up Rigs


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