ASCARGO Offers Free Brochure On Cargo Access Equipment

ASCARGO of Bilbao, Spain, which is represented in the U.S. by Borgne International Corporation, Middlesex, N.J., is offering free literature on the cargo access equipment the company manufactures.

Using a colorful cutaway drawing of a vessel, the brochure attractively depicts ASCARGO equipment for roll-on/roll-off and side and vertical loading equipment variations.

Shown in its appropriate location in the drawing of the vessel, and numbered so that the corresponding numbered description can be seen at a glance, are such ASCARGO items as: (1) stern ramp; (2) combined watertight side ramp; (3) watertight door; (4) combination of a side door and an adjustable platform;(5) access ramp to a car deck; (6) hoistable cardecks; (7) folding cover with direct cylinder and multifolding with internal cylinders; (8) 'tween deck side-pivoting, hydraulically operated; (9) bulkhead door; (10) hydraulically operated elevator; (11) horizontal stowing of hatch covers by means of hydraulic cylinders; (12) Balanlift hatch covers; (13) 'tween deck flush folding hatch covers; (14) side pivoting cover; (15) scissors type elevator; (16) side rolling operated by hydraulic motors; (17) liftaway pontoons; (18) sliding bulkhead door; and (19) combination bow visor and bow ramp. Color photos are used to show many of these items in action.

Since ASCARGO was founded, thousands of repairs and modifications to existing hatchcovers of any type and design have been carried out, and the last page of the literature is devoted to ASCARGO repair maintenance and innovations. The company has a team with experience in any kind of repairs such as to rebuild very deteriorated covers and to have them watertight to the satisfaction of the classification society and shipowners, or hatches with mechanical problems. ASCARGO is also prepared to improve the operation of an existing hatch by modifying it to hydraulic, etc. Color photos of various repairs in progress are used to illustrate this last page.

For more information and a free copy of the brochure on cargo access equipment from ASCARGO,

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