Port Of A l b a n y A w a r ds $ 5 . 5 - M i l l i o n Contract

The Port of Albany has awarded a $5.5-million contract to the Edward B. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Construction Corporation of Williston Park, N.Y. for the reconstruction of a 1,500-foot petroleum terminal. The major portion of the contract is being- funded by the State of New York.

The project includes the construction of nine cellular cofferdams and 1,100 feet of anchored sheet pile wall. The terminal will accommodate tanker and barge traffic for CIBRO Petroleum of Albany.

The bulkhead will extend from 17 feet above mean low water to a dredge depth of minus 32 feet. The 49-foot exposed height ranks the wall among the largest of its type.

The designers of the project, Childs Engineering Corporation of Medfield, Mass., will also oversee the construction to its completion in the fall of 1981.

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