Solutions in Panama

solutions in panama

The owners of a 34.000-ton container vessel contacted Hydrex to carry out a repair requiring a 700 mm x 300 mm insert into the vessel's shell plating. A crack had developed in the plating right next to the bulkhead, which needed to be dealt with quickly before it became a major problem.

Hydrex was called upon to carry out the work, and immediately it dispatched a diving team to the vessel's location in Panama. The first call was to a local company where an appropriate sized mobdock was constructed to cover the area over the hull that needed replacement. Once satisfied that the mobdock was to the standards required, a meeting with all appropriate staff was held. The first step of the actual repair was to fit mobdock underwater over the affected area. Once complete, the team started to cut out a part of the bulkhead over the area where the external plating had to be replaced. The defective hull plating was then cropped out, corners rounded off. Fitting of the insert in place was performed next, and once this had been positioned correctly the full penetration weld started from the inside, in accordance with Lloyds approved welding procedure. After it had been completed the insert repair was checked using ultrasonic testing and found to be without any defects. The part of the bulkhead that had been removed was then replaced and welded securely back in place.

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