Henschel Named Exclusive U.S. Licensee For Speed Measuring Units

Henschel, Inc., the Newburyport, Mass., subsidiary of SPD Technologies of Philadelphia, recently agreed to become the exclusive U.S. licensee for a line of marine speed measuring products produced by Aeronautical and General Instruments (AGI) of the United Kingdom.

AGI is a leading producer of solidstate speed measuring systems, currently used in 33 navies worldwide.

The AGI systems provide accurate, repeatable speed log information with digital, synchro, analog and pulse outputs. One system has two calibration curves per probe. Each curve has 14 operator-selected calibration points along the ship's speed range.

"You calibrate the system once and forget it, unless the probe is replaced," said Gunter J. Waehl- ing, Henschel vice president and general manager.

Henschel is one of the nation's leading designers and manufacturers of ship control and interior communications systems for the U.S.

Navy and commercial maritime markets.

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