Lindenau Shipyard Delivers 12,100-DWT Chemical Tanker To West German Owners

The Kiel-Friedrichsort shipyard of Lindenau GmbH Schiffswerft & Maschinenfabrik recently delivered the 12,100-dwt chemical tanker Hummel to her owners Carl Buttner Shipping Company of Bremen.

The 477-foot Hummel is the sister ship of two vessels delivered by Lindenau Shipyard to Carl Buttner in December 1984 and July 1986, respectively. The Hummel is an energy saving oil and chemical tanker classed by Germanischer Lloyd + 100 A4 E3 "Chemical Tanker Type II" "Oil Tanker" + MC E3 AUT.

The double-skin tanker has a deadweight tonnage on summer freeboard of 12,326 tons, gross tonnage of 7,421 tons and net tonnage of 4,069 tons.

Powered by a Krupp MaK 8M551 diesel engine with a nominal output of 4,250 kw (5,695 bhp) at 450 rpm, the 14-knot Hummel was designed and built especially for the transport of chemicals and mineral oil products. The ship has 20 cargo tanks that are divided into seven side tanks (including two for slops) and six center tanks. The total volume is 14,365 m3. Due to her double bottom and double hull, the Hummel can transport products of IMO Type II in all her cargo tanks. All cargo tanks and cargo lines are coated with Camcote N3. All cargo tank internals, heating coils and stairs are of stainless steel. Therefore, the Hummel can transport more than 400 high-class chemicals and products. The double hulls of the Hummel increase the security of the ship and environment by lowering the risk of collision and there- fore lowering the risk of environmental pollution. Her double-hull design also provides the benefits of: faster cleaning of her tanks (because of smooth inner tank walls); heat energy savings; separation of cargo and ballast water; and the capability of transporting high-class liquids. Other innovative design features of the Hummel include: optimized hull lines; an efficient stripping/oil discharge monitoring system; a loading control station in the deckhouse; a steam-heated Butterworth heater with a capacity of 4.2 Gcal/h, which means up to eight tank washing machines can operate simultaneously; and segregated ballast system. For free literature detailing the shipbuilding capabilities of the Lindenau Shipyard,

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