First Sulzer RTA84 Engine Successfully Started

The first Sulzer RTA84 engine, a six-cylinder model, is now undergoing test-bed trials at Mitsubishi's Kobe engine works. Started in August, it has already run successfully at full load and is now going through a series of optimization trials. As the largest bore size in the RTA series, the RTA84 offers remarkable fuel economy through the combination of extremely low fuel consumption and very low propeller speeds, down to 65 rev/min minimum. Covering a power range of 7280-39 720 kw (9,920-54,000 bhp), it is particularly attractive for the very large ore/bulk carriers now being ordered. Further orders have already been received to power large containerships and VLCCs.

The 6RTA84 now being tested has a maximum continuous contract rating of 12,555 kw (17,070 bhp) at 70 rev/min and is to be installed in a 155,000-dwt ore/bulk carrier building at Mitsubishi's Nagasaki shipyard for Shinwa Kaiun and Nippo Kisen.

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