Contracts Awarded To Bardex Hydranautics

—Literature Available Bardex Hydranautics has been contracted by Reading and Bates Drilling Co. and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., for the design and manufacture of the BOP and subsea equipment handling systems and the handling/elevator systems for the vertically stored risers for the Zane Barnes semi-submersible. The Friede & Goldman center caisson Trendsetter Class semi-submersible is scheduled for delivery in the fall of 1986. The major components of the BOP/subsea handling system are the BOP bridge crane, BOP transporters, BOP capturing system, sea fastening and test stump systems, and subsea equipment skid jacks. Major components of the vertical riser handling/elevator system are two riser bridge cranes, two riser elevators, and the control system. Bardex Hydranautics, Reading and Bates, and Friede & Goldman closely coordinated the design development work on the vertically stored riser and BOP handling systems. Bardex Hydranautics is headquartered in Goleta, Calif., with offices in London, Singapore and Houston. The company designs and manufactures heavy-load moving equipment for offshore and shipyard- related activities.

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