New 12,000-sq.-m. Workshop Pays Dividends

Dubai Drydocks Afloat Repair Division (DDARD) is now ensconced in it's new purpose-built 12,000 sq. m. workshop and offices alongside the actual shipyard, the workshop also having another 500 sq. m. of specialized workshops divided into five disciplines. The workforce has increased to some 87 workers from 70/75, which was the average when the division was operated from Jebel Ali. During 2003, DDAFD answered a total of 712 inquiries, 356 of which were turned into contracts, a further 273 inquiries for hydraulic repair work, 97 of which ended up at contracts, and 33 projects awarded by the yard itself. The largest repair contract involved the Express Alexander, which is managed by Switzerland's Doris Maritime. DDARD carried out a major overhaul of the vessel's main engine, a MAN 16V 52/55, including the replacement of 16 piston rings, and two generators, while the vessel was alongside at Port Raschid. DDAFD is an authorized repairer on MAN B&W diesel engines. During the recent FPSO conversions at Dubai Drydocks, 256.715 dwt FPSO Xikomba and the 138,930 dwt FPSO Mystras, DDAFD was contracted to carry out all the hydraulic stainless steel pipes for the hydraulic systems.

Currently DDAFD is carrying out work on two hydraulic pumps onboard the 200,999 Shinyo Guardian in Dubai Drydocks.

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