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Reliance Electric Company of Cleveland is offering its 1984 Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) parts catalog. The parts, tools, and services described in this 144-page book can help provide quick, efficient repair of motor and drive equipment. Chapters included describe control parts, motor parts and accessories, special products, test equipment, printed circuit board repair, and exchange services offered by Reliance.

Plant technicians and maintenance personnel can request immediate action or information on any of the services or parts described in the catalog by filling out and mailing two postage-paid Action Cards located inside the front and back covers. Additional tearout, postage-paid postcards are provided throughout the catalog for requesting specific services or literature. Full descriptions, many illustrated, are provided along with prices for all parts, equipment, and services listed.

To obtain a free copy of the Reliance MRO '84 catalog,

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