N.Y. Port Engineers Society Discusses Importance Of Propeller Finish

ny port engineers society discusses
importance of propeller finish

The recent meeting of The Society of Marine Port Engineers New York, N.Y. heard a paper titled "The Importance of Good Surface Finish on Large Diameter Propellers," presented by James W. Elliott Jr., engineering manager at Michigan Wheel Gulf Coast, Inc., Pascagoula, Miss.

In introducing his paper the author said that the surface finish and configuration of a ship's propeller is one of the most important factors in maintaining maximum fuel efficiency. The deviation of various propeller characteristics from design contribute to loss of operating efficiency by creating adverse water flow conditions that aid in the development of surface defects, he stated.

The author also discussed propeller surface characteristics as they pertain to water flow, and their relationship with cavitation. He detailed the effect of irregular surface finish, along with methods of inspection and repair of these discrepant conditions. He also gave some suggestions for development of an individual inspection and evaluation program in order that each propeller application can achieve optimum operational efficiency.

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