K o c h - E l l i s C o m p l e t es N e w R O / R O F a c i l i ty — L i t e r a t u r e A v a i l a b le

Koch-Ellis Barge and Ship Service recently announced the completion of a totally new RO/RO facility. This new department has been created to handle the increasing demand for cleaning, gas freeing and light repairs for all standard types of containers in both 20- and 40-foot lengths. Koch- Ellis also handles various sized tank trailers.

The facility is large enough to clean from 15 to 20 units a day, depending on size and needed cleaning procedures, and can work on as many as four units at one time. Koch-Ellis is EPA certificated and is capable of handling most varieties of bulk liquid cargo. Koch-Ellis's location, at mile 104 of the Mississippi River, or 2012 River Road, in Marrero, La., is easily accessible from the nearby New Orleans harbor area.

For full details and free literature on Koch-Ellis's services, including the new RO/RO facility,

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