Lockheed Expands Houston Office To Provide More Offshore Services

Lockheed is expanding its Houston office to provide additional services to the U.S. offshore industry. Services include field engineering support, design engineering support, assembly and repair of oil-spill cleanup equipment, and offshore corrosion protection equipment, the company announced recently.

As a result, the facility has moved its Houston office to 1400 North Belt East, Suite 160. The new 10,000-square-foot facility offers additional space for growth in engineering and assembly and repair, according to William A. Smith, manager of Offshore Systems and Services in the Ocean System organization of Lockheed Missiles & Space Co., Sunnyvale, Calif.

Approximately two-thirds of the space will be for manufacturing and repair, with the remainder for office and engineering personnel.

Mr. Smith said the office will handle sales of Clean Sweep oilspill cleanup devices, corrosion protection system sales for the Gulf of Mexico, and a new engineering support service for U.S.

customers of the safety/reliability/ technical audit engineering service that has been well received on U.K. and Southeast Asia projects.

The Ocean Systems organization has broad experience with hardware systems in the ocean, including initial development and operation of a unique one-atmosphere subsea completion and production . system, design, fabrication, and operation of a deepocean mining system capable of sea-floor operations to 18,000 feet; and several deep-diving submersibles including the company- owned Deep Quest and the U.S. Navy's Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles.

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