Diversified Technologies Supplies Launch/Retrieval System For Steam Tanker

Diversified Technologies (Dt) of Chesapeake and Alexandria, Va., re- cently delivered one of its patented Launch and Retrieval Systems (LARS) to Houston Ship Repair, Houston, Texas, for installation on board the steam tanker Chesapeake. Its is the second of a series of SALM-LARS, the first having been installed on the S/T American Osprey, which is en route to support Operation Desert Shield.

The S-LARS is tailored to launch and recover a reusable Single Anchor Leg Mooring (SALM) from the deck of a handy-sized tanker.

The LARS is both the method and the equipment used for the recovery and launch of marine structures onto and from the decks of ships or large barges in a timely, controlled and safe manner. The LARS provides an alternative method to lift platforms, heavy lift cranes, beam climbers, and a variety of other arrangements.

The LARS has proven applications in the fields of marine salvage, construction, offshore development, and remote logistics support, as well as military and commercial rapid deployment projects.

For free literature detailing the LARS from Diversified Technologies,

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