Juniper Industries Keeps the Water Out

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Since 1928, Juniper Industries, located in Middle Village, N.Y.

has continually increased its service to the Navy and maritime industry by developing both a large watertight closure line and a diversified ventilation product line. In addition to product innovation, Juniper provides its customers with a web-based price quotation and ordering system as well as direct phone and fax access to its technical and pricing specialists.

Juniper is known as one of the largest independent manufacturers of Navy standard watertight doors, hatches, scuttles and manholes. To maintain their position in the industry, they invest in a large inventory of parts, which allows them to supply shipyards and repair facilities the hardware their customers need — right off the shelf One of juniper's newest stock items is a watertight door hinge upgrade kit, which the Navy cycle tested at the Juniper test facility. Tested to one million cycles, this product significantly reduces maintenance and replacement costs. Always willing to meet client-specified design requirements — flexibility and progress are the order of the day at Juniper. Working closely with naval architects and engineering firms, Juniper strives to find solutions to maintenance and repair problems as well as develop new products. Testing capabilities include hydrostatic pressure as well as cycle and a wide range of quality control procedures. A diversified company, they also offer a line of ventilation products including dampers, flame arresters, duct, duct fittings, access plates, deck ventilators and bellmouths. Seeing growth potential in the damper field, Juniper is seeking to increase its share of the air control, fire, smoke and toxic gas damper market.

Juniper has recently added an improved actuating system to its toxic gas dampers making the product more efficient and cost effective. Shock and vibration testing to customer specifications is offered. With 200+ employees and more than 70 years of experience, Juniper has proven itself through its successful relationships with repeat customers such as the U.S. Navy, and the Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics Groups.

Advancing technology and modern business practices demand an increase in web-based capability as well as rapid turnaround times. A visit to the welldesigned and user friendly Juniper web site helps field and purchasing personnel identify closures correctly, isolate subassemblies for repair parts ordering and submit requests for information, assistance or quotes 24 hours a day. Juniper has kept a step ahead and offers a very helpful "Tips and Techniques" section on its web site with the product selection and ordering system. Its EDI capability has allowed the company to successfully meet the demands of DVD contracts with its largest clients. Regarding long term projects. Juniper has its eye on the design stage of the DX program and the product development that it will demand.

To gain the competitive edge this company plans to focus on increased design capability, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a tradition that goes back three generations.

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