Morgan Crane Receives Order For Knucklebooms For Three Corvettes

Since its recent product line expansion and move to new facilities, Morgan Crane Company, Inc., Santa Ana, Calif., has received several government and commercial orders. Among the orders received by Morgan Crane, which now offers articulating cranes from 1- to 75-ton capacities, are installations aboard SWATH oceanographic research vessels T-AGOS-20, -21 and -22, and AGOR-23, the NOAA ships Delaware 2 and Oregon 2, and several commercial merchant vessels.

A recent order includes three 60- ton knuckleboom cranes with 14,000-pound constant tension winches installed. This equipment will be state of the art, from the high speed constant tension winches to the special digital remote control system. These large knuckleboom cranes will be installed on the SA'AR 5 Class corvettes being built by Ingalls Shipbuilding, Inc., Pascagoula, Miss., for Israel.

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