Fincantieri To Build Huge Offshore Workship For Micoperi

Fincantieri-Cantieri Navali Italiani SpA, headquartered in Trieste, recently signed a contract with Micoperi SpA of Milan for the construction of a big, versatile offshore workship. The Micoperi 6000 will be a self-propelled, semi-submersible ship made up of two hulls, each 541.33 feet long and 108.27 feet wide, on which will be mounted a platform almost 575 feet long and about 285 feet wide, supported by a polygonal column structure. Depth to the main deck is 142.7 feet, and to the helicopter deck 221.5 feet. Draft can range from 34.5 to about 94 feet under the most severe operating conditions; the ballasting and deballasting is performed quickly and safely by means of a computerized system.

An outstanding feature of the ship is its immense lifting capacity, provided by two swiveling pedestal cranes, each with a capacity of 6,000 tons—the largest ever installed on a floating unit.

Dynamic positioning of the ship is achieved, even under the most severe weather and sea conditions and to a water depth to 1,475 feet, by a 10-propeller, fully computerized system. The ship is also equipped with 16 mooring lines, totaling more than 177,000 feet. Ten diesel generating sets have a total output of 50,000 kw, supplying electrical power for propulsion, cranes, and other on-board requirements.

The ship will be able to accommodate up to 800 persons in living quarters of the highest standard; amenities will include a hospital, swimming pool, cinema, conference rooms, and other activities areas. The Micoperi 6000 has been designed to perform the following operations: platform installation, piledriving to secure platforms to the sea bottom, module hoisting, transport of heavy structures, platform removal and repair, employment of divers and frogmen, and logistic and technical assistance to workers engaged in platform assembly and outfitting. A heliport atop the superstructure will accommodate two large helicopters.

The Fincantieri Group is the largest and most diversified shipbuilding and ship repairing company in the Mediterranean. It is organized in four divisions—merchant shipbuilding and diesel engine manufacturing, both with head offices in Trieste, and naval shipbuilding and ship repair headquartered in Genoa.

The Group's production activity, through 16 shipyards located throughout Italy, includes construction of merchant ships of every type and size, offshore units, naval vessels, repair and conversion of every type of ship, and manufacture of two- and four-stroke diesel engines for propulsion of merchant and naval ships and for on-board generating sets.

For the offshore market, Fincantieri builds ships and other floating craft and units of every conceivable type, tension-leg production platforms, top-side facilities for production platforms, single-buoy mooring units, and submarine working craft. Alternative construction fields include power-generation, desalting, and other floating plants; and onshore modules and desalting units.

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