Johnson Named Manager Of Shipyard Systems For Hydranautics Hydraulic

johnson named manager
of shipyard systems for
hydranautics hydraulic

John M. Johnson has been promoted to manager of shipyard systems for Hydranautics Hydraulic Systems, according to Ed Krabacher, executive vice president and general manager. In his new position, Mr. Johnson will be responsible for sales, product development, and customer service of Hydranautics s h i p y a r d and construction equipment, both foreign and domestic.

Mr. Johnson joined the firm in 1974 and was program manager for Hydranautics before being appointed to his new position. As program manager, he was responsible for the fulfillment of assigned contracts, including the supervision of installation and commissioning of shiplift, Trans- Lift™, ship extrustion, and transfer systems around the world.

His experience includes being program manager for the first hydraulic shiplift in Korea, and the world's largest hydraulic shiplift elevator (approximately 100 feet by 570 feet) for ships up to 30,000 dwt.

Prior to joining Hydranautics Hydraulic Systems, Mr. Johnson was responsible for program and schedule control for Aero Spacelines, Inc. His experience also includes being on the aerodynamics staff involved with wind tunnel work for Boeing.

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