Renk Offers Reference List Of Marine Gear Units Used In Naval Vessels

renk offers reference list
of marine gear units
used in naval vessels

Renk of Augsburg, West Germany, has published a 24-page booklet that contains a list of marine gear units used in naval vessels.

Renk marine gear units are designed in such a way that they are suitable for use in both merchant vessels and warships, and the present reference list includes gear units that, due to this design concept, are used in warships. The list gives the year of construction; name and type of vessel; the shipyard where built; gear unit quantity and type; power per gear; speeds; and type of propulsion plant. The list covers the years 1954 through 1984/85.

The booklet has an introduction which points out that gear units of the Renk Company are in operation in power stations, steel works and rolling mills; they are used in the cement industry, chemical industry, and the plastics industry; and in addition to these, Renk marine gears and vehicle transmissions can be found anywhere in the world. The production range is complemented by drive elements such as couplings, clutches, plain bearings, and by gears of all types.

The publication is illustrated with photos of various types of warships that are equipped with Renk gear units, with an explanation of the number and type used.

For a free copy of the reference list of Renk marine gear units used in naval vessels,

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