OBO Quartet From B&W Will Feature Innovative Kvaerner Hatch Covers

Kvaerner's ability to react quickly and innovatively to the fast changing requirements of the marine industry have been highlighted once again by a contract to design the side-rolling weatherdeck hatch covers for a total of four 70,000-dwt OBO carriers building for Norwegian and Dutch owners at Denmark's Burmeister & Wain Shipyard in Copenhagen.

This is the first time that Kvaerner Ships Equipment AB in Gothenburg, Sweden, has won a contract for the design of cargo access equipment for vessels building at Burmeister & Wain.

The four double-skinned OBOs, two for Naess Shipping of Holland and two for Norway's Tschudi & Eitzen, are of a new design developed by the Danish shipyard.

Both the shipyard and the shipowner's requirements for a flexible hatch cover system that is easy to clean have been met by Kvaerner's solution. Hatch covers that are easy to clean are extremely important in the efficient operation of OBOs. The design of the Burmeister & Wain 70,000-dwt OBO is such that the vessel does not have hatch coamings— the covers rest directly on the deck.

The Danish Shipyard required a hatch cover system that, while being flexible, also provided cleating forces as close to the transverse bulkheads as possible.

Kvaerner's solution was to use a corrugated hatch cover design, whereby the corrugation is directed in the transverse direction. By utilizing such a system, the problem of accumulation of seawater and cargo residue in the spaces between the hatches was alleviated.

Delivery of this quartet of70,000- dwt OBOs, each with nine cargo holds, is set for 1992.

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