Morris Guralnick Firm Awarded Two Contracts For Conversion Designs

Morris Guralnick Associates, Inc. (MGA) has been awarded two contracts under which the San Francisco- based firm of naval architects and marine engineers will assist with the engineering and design phase in the conversion and modification of two ships to be operated by the Military Sealift Command.

The first contract, awarded by Continental Maritime of San Francisco, Inc., calls for MGA to prepare the designs, studies, construction drawings, and other data required in converting the former American President Lines containership President Monroe to an Auxiliary Crane Ship (T-ACS-2).

Under the second contract, placed by Northwest Marine Iron Works of Portland, MGA will assist the Oregon shipyard in modifications to be made to the USNS Observation Island (T-AGM-23), a former Mariner Class freighter that has been converted into a missile tracking ship.

Modifications to the President Monroe include removal of all conventional cargo gear and replacement with three sets of twin pedestal cranes, each crane with a lifting capacity of 30 metric tons. Accommodations will be expanded to carry 89 persons, and two new 1,640-kw diesel generators will be installed to power the increased electrical load. Changes on the Observation Island include addition of a deckhouse to increase personnel accommodations, upgrading of electronic systems, installation of two evaporators, and raising the height of the stack.

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