Cianbro earns Maritime Stripes

When Cianbro Corporation approached Petrodrill, an international rig-owning company with Brazilian and American shareholders, about completing two partially- built oil rigs in 2002. some thought Cianbro President and CEO Peter Vigue was out of his mind.


U.S. SHIPBUILDING OUTLOOK Maritime Policy—1980-1985

When the Administration assumed office in 1981, the shipbuilding industry understood that it would be challenged to meet the performance and cost objectives of an expanded naval construction program. Further, the shipbuilding industry knew that

Electric Boat Division Launches Navy Attack Submarine 'Boston'

The h i s t o r i c capital of Massachusetts gained a new symbol of its rich heritage recently when the USS Boston (SSN-703), a high-speed attack submarine, was launched at General Dynamics' Electric Boat Division in Groton, Conn. Secretary of the Navy Edward Hidalgo hailed the 360-foot,


The U.S. Navy continues to be the major driver of business for shipyards and marine equipment suppliers in the United States. A status report for shipbuilding programs and a summary of the FY 1990/91 Navy ship procurement budget is provide below.

Award $2.9-Million Navy PSA Contract To Todd

Six U.S. Navy contracts totaling $2.9 million for advance planning and procurement to support p o s t s h a k e d o w n a v a i l a b i l i ty (PSA) work on six guided missile frigates (FFGs) have been awarded to Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation, Lennart M.

Employee Buyout Helps Seattle Yard Emerge From Bankruptcy

In one of the largest union-led buyouts in recent years, over 400 union and non-union shipyard workers became the owners of Seattle- based tug and barge builder WFI Industries, helping the company to emerge from bankruptcy. The firm will now be known as Unimar International.

SEACOR Wins Contracts Worth $8.4 Million

Systems Engineering Associates Corporation of Cherry Hill, N.J. (SEACOR) was recently awarded four contracts by the Navy and a private shipbuilder. The contracts are for a variety of engineering design and logistics projects, and total $8.4 million.

New CEO at Kvaerner Philadelphia

David E. Meehan was appointed President & CEO of the Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard, replacing Gunnar Skjelbred, who has headed the yard since 2002. The Philadelphia yard recently delivered its first newbuild ship, Matson's container vessel Manukai.

National Forge Wins Navy Contracts Totaling More Than $28 Million

The Materials and Components Group of National Forge Co., Irvine, Pa., has won contracts totaling more than $28 million from the U.S. Navy. The contracts, which specify vital military marine propulsion system components, include propeller shafts

FUTURE U.S. NAVY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES —A $230 billion # 5 Year Market—

This article deals with the potential for new business from the current U.S. Navy program. However, as most readers are aware, since the mid-60's, all U.S. Navy new construction work must be conducted in private shipyards. In addition, aside from about 5,000 U.

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