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Dorman Diesels' 'Sea King' Engine Range In Demand For Fishing Propulsion Market

The Dorman "Sea King" marine diesel range from Dorman Diesels, Ltd., Stafford, England, is enjoying continued success in the fishing propulsion market, with numerous installations for arduous fishing duties throughout Europe and the U.K. One of the most recent Dorman U.

ASNE DAY 91 'Naval Engineering In The Changing Defense Structure'

The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) will celebrate 103 years as an individual member professional society this year with a technical program and exhibit show that emphasizes the role of the naval engineering community in the rapidly advancing

Burton Delivers 224-Foot Seiner, Third Of Seven For Van Camp

Burton Shipyard, Inc., Port Arthur, Texas, recently delivered the 224-foot tuna vessel Deolinda. The steel-hulled tuna purse seiner is the third of a seven-vessel contract awarded to Burton by Van Camp Sea Food Co., a division of Ralston Purina Co.


The heart of today's Navy vessel, whether it is a cruiser, destroyer, frigate, corvette, minehunter or support craft, is the propulsion system. Many of these warships and naval auxiliaries demand high-performance, flexible and durable propulsion systems.

FBM Babcock Wins U.S. Contract

The U.S. Army's Tank Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) awarded FBM Babcock Marine a contract to commence the overhaul and modernization of its fleet of specialist Bridge Erection Boats (BEBs). The contract to upgrade the existing U.S. Army BEBs


One of the more difficult tasks facing both marine engineers and vessel owners contemplating new construction or the reengining of an existing vessel is keeping up with the latest developments in diesel engines for both main propulsion and auxiliary power.

Pilot Boat Features New Hull Design

Featuring a waterjet-powered fiberglass hull, a new pilot boat was constructed for Puget Sound Pilots at Nordlund Boat Co., Tacoma, Wash. Measuring 74 ft. (22.5 m), the vessel will be based at Port Angeles, Wash., where it was scheduled to enter service during December 1999.

Foss Seattle Shipyard Named Cummins Dealer For Parts And Service

Foss Shipyard, Seattle, has been named a marine dealer for Cummins Northwest Industrial (CNI) and will provide service and spare parts throughout the Northwest. The agreement between Foss Launch & Tug Company and Cummins Northwest Industrial was recently announced by Ross Bishop,


Selecting the appropriate propulsion or auxiliary power system for a vessel is one of the most difficult and important tasks facing the naval architect, marine engineer and vessel owner. With so many marine diesel engines on the market—low-speed,

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